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Music is an integral part to worship at CCMI.  The CCMI choir is fortunate to have soloist and section leaders Megan Parker-Soprano, Carol Sanders- Alto, Marc Van Kampen-Tenor and Jeff Church-Bass.  The choir is welcome to all!  If you are interested in singing, please join us in the sanctuary on Thursday evenings from 7:30 - 9:00, and at 9:30 a.m. before the church service each Sunday.

 Our Artistic Director, Conductor, and Choreographer Deeji Killian comes from a diverse musical and performing background which began in childhood. Click here to learn more about her fascinating and impressive musical career.

“I am incredibly fortunate to have found a career that I feel to be my true calling. What a blessing and honor it is to lead this open, diverse, and talented group, and to have a life filled with creativity, music, and community!” 


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