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Raise Your Recycling Game!

Being environmentally friendly is about enjoying life, be good stewards of what is giving to us, and educate the generations to come.

One of the great things about creating green habits, more times than not, is a frugal alternative. These habits are also economically savvy for the earth, our home, and budget-friendly.

We, as a community, can play a part in the reduction of our landfill waste, cleaner air, and preserve natural habitats and landscapes. Imagine when we involve our children, ensuring they understand the importance of the why and what. Once set into place, the generational habit begins.

In addition to PSE's Renewable Energy Program, here are a few green options we can make at home and possibly use at work.

Pick at least three that you’re not already doing, and make them a habit before the new year.

1. Stop unsolicited mail - Sign up prescreen credit card offers

2. Find a food swap in your area

3. Recycle/Reuse - Shop your local buy nothing groups, Craigslist, or Little Nickel Classifieds

4. Learn about other countries and cultures

5. Switch to cloth - repurpose old t-shirts, warn towels, etc.

6. Learn about the food industry and environment

7. Shop local


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