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Stop Anti-Asian Hate

Starting Tuesday, May 4, 7:15 - 8:30 p.m.

Our third virtual series, “Stop Anti-Asian Hate”, begins next Tuesday. Please RSVP to Hellen Fung if you plan to come.

The United Church of Christ has made a commitment to end racism in America. Our church has been stepping up in preparation to align ourselves with that commitment. This series is an opportunity to explore the many facets and intersectional issues that make racism so difficult to eradicate.

Our purpose is not to come up with a “fix”, but to build a strong foundation of knowledge. Through exploration and discovery, we will learn and share our individual perspectives to gain new insights. The process is like connecting the dots to lead to “ah-ha” moments.

Be assured that you will experience things that will bring you awe, laughter, shock, sadness, and best of all, fun. We look forward to learning with you! Here is more information about our approach. We ask that you watch these two videos in advance. We need to talk about Asian hate [stop at 22'40] Teaching students of different cultural backgrounds Roberta and Hellen

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