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CCMI Retreat - October 15-17

CCMI Retreat: The Big Conversation

October 15 - 17

Click here for the full program of events. And click here to sign up!

The first retreat session is Friday at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom. We will share some devotions and then enjoy getting to know one another better.

Saturday morning is the main event. The Big Conversation begins at 9:30. What have you learned during this long experience of pandemic? What have we missed in church life? What haven't we missed? What new innovations will we want to keep? Thoughts about other paths we should explore? The full questionnaire is here (and it will be mailed to everyone this week). Please fill it out and return a copy to the church office, whether you can come to the retreat or not.

Saturday afternoon is free. Any ideas of activities we could share? Aaron Shanks invites us all to a hybrid games evening that night with some of us in the church and some on Zoom.

Sunday we will gather at our normal time for retreat-inspired worship.

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