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THIS WEEK @ CCMI: Through February 10

Thursday, February 6 10:30 a.m. Women's Bible Study 6:00 p.m. Bible Study 7:30 p.m. Choir Rehearsal

Saturday, February 8 10:30 a.m. Women's Breakfast

Sunday, February 9

10:30 a.m. Worship 11:45 a.m. Facility Trustees 11:45 a.m. Worship & Arts Meeting 11:45 a.m. Communications Meeting


Jim Marich would like to thank everyone who has been thinking about him while he was in the hospital. He is at home now and sufficiently healed that he doesn’t think any further treatment is going to be necessary. Thank you for your prayers!

Thanks to everyone who supported our bake sale on Sunday! As of February 5th, we have raised $703 for Panthera’s “Save the Tigers” fund.

From your Stewardship Committee Thanks so much to everyone for your giving in support of CCMI in 2019. We experienced a significant shortfall in pledge completions in 2019 which contributed to a budget deficit at the end of the year. If you haven't completed your 2019 pledge, you can still do so. Please indicate that your check is in fulfillment of your 2019 pledge. Thanks for your consideration. Dale

Women’s Breakfast will be held Saturday, February 8th at 8:00 am at CCMI. All women are invited to attend. Please RSVP to either Jinny Sewall or Linda Jack or After breakfast, Roberta will be offering a presentation on the Environmental Voter Project, a partner initiative of the United Church of Christ, in hopes of enlisting some volunteer help.

Climate Action Team Summer Art Fair

We are excited about the Summer Art Fair. In preparation for our projects, we need clean clear plastic bottles and white plastic lids. Please bring them to CCMI. Thank you.

We are surrounded by electronics that constantly need to be powered up. It's easy to accumulate chargers and cords that don't have a home.

Ridwell is collecting power cords, chargers, and connectors to help tidy up your homes! Bring to CCMI before February 23rd

CCMI Upcoming/Community Events

Carnevale February 8, 2020 A festive fundraiser for The Italian Cultural Center - Il Punto. - All Ages LAST DAY TO BUY TICKETS - FEBRUARY 5TH Carnevale is one of the most colorful celebrations in the world. In Italy, we are serious about it. In the end, this is where it was born. Every village celebrates, every family cooks up a storm to honor this century-long tradition of dancing, masquerading and feasting before the fasting and meditating of Lent. Tickets are now on sale and are available for purchase until February 5, 2020.

The grief of so many MIPC members (and many throughout Mercer Island) experienced the rise in young adult suicides over the past few years. In response, and for the whole community, the Scooty Fund (described below) is hosting a community forum called: “Let’s Talk About It: The Scooty Fund Panel Presentation on Mental Health and MI’s Young Adults.” The panel will address mental health as it affects our community’s young adults, drawing upon the experiences and knowledge of three Mercer Island young adults and three mental health specialists. The presentation will be a moderated panel followed by a question and answer session. This will be on Sunday, February 9th from 3:00-4:30 in the MIPC gym Good for high school ages and up - anyone who works with youth and young adults (or kids who will one day be youth and young adults). Kristy Farber Mercer Island Presbyterian Church IHistory on the Scoot Fund: The Scooty Fund (TSF), founded on MI by the family of Will Taylor, died by suicide in March 2017, is an organization developed to promote, support and advance culture surrounding mental health and wellness in ways that enhance the lives and well-being of young people. TSF focuses on encouraging conversation, destigmatizing mental health “issues,” building supportive and open communities, educating others, raising funds for crisis resources and, above all, helping young adults prioritize their mental wellness in ways that work.

Please come on Tuesday, February 18th at 7 pm to hear Recology, our recycling partner. Recology is working hard to sort and keep as much material out of the landfill as possible. Ask all your recycling and composting questions. Next, Maria Phillips, the artist in residence at Recology will show slides of her current show, Hidden in Plain Sight, which is at the Bellevue Arts Museum. We'll see how trash can be transformed inito art. We'll also hear from Ridwell, an exciting new service that recycles lots of things Recology can't take. Then we'll turn it over to you for questions and answers. Bring along any cords, chargers and printer cartridges, you want to discard - that's Ridwell's February appeal.

Here is what Ridwell will be collecting in the next two months. February 10 Maternity clothes (including nursing bras, sanitary napkins, and adult diapers) These will go to Global Perinatal Services, supporting low-income women and immigrant/refugee women in the Puget Sound area. February 24 Cords, chargers and printer cartridges Clean out that drawer! And if your chargers are for small devices you no longer use… March 9 Small electronics (cellphones, mp3 players, tablets, modems, GPS and gaming devices, e-readers)

Sunday, Feb. 23rd 11:45 a.m. Jay Mavoori will be showing photos of his “Clipper Round the World” yacht race.

3rd Annual Canciones para Puerto Rico

Saturday, March 7th

6:00 P.M. (Silent Auction begins at 5:30 pm)

All Ages$20-$50

Seattle's finest opera singers, accompanied by Glenda Williams & Luke Raffanti, return to Mercer Island along with local guitarist Lucas Victor and more! Enjoy an unforgettable night of Spanish Canciones, romantic zarzuelas, tangos, and a silent auction to raise support for container homes and storage units for those who are unable to return to their earthquake-damaged homes in Puerto Rico. Enjoy delicious Latin food from our event sponsor, Mojito. Yakima Valleys Paradisos del Sol Winery and Organic Vineyards will offer their full, rich wine pours (available for purchase with a ticket or a la carte)and bottles and cases available for purchase to take home. Coffee and tea will be served during intermission. Doors open and silent auction starts at 5:30 p.m. with the performance beginning at 6:00 p.m. Silent auction closes at intermission. Proceeds benefit families in the south who are unable to return to their damaged homes from recent earthquakes. More about the Boriken Foundation: In September 2017, volunteers in the Puget Sound area created the Boriken Foundation, formerly La Isla Foundation, a non-profit organization, to help respond and rebuild Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. We have helped individuals, families, businesses and non-profit organizations on the island to establish more sustainable methods of long-term recovery. More recently we have been helping families with food, water, blankets, hygiene products, and storage container homes for those left homeless by the earthquakes in the southern part of the island. To donate to our Boriken Foundation Go Fund Me page, visit

Hans Fredrikson 1-Feb

Henriette Anne Klauser 4-Feb Terry Pepple 6-Feb

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