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The Office Manager must have good software skills, particularly word processing software. Familiarity with spreadsheet and Wix website software helps. Excellent communication skills are also a must, as the Office Manager makes sure that information flows quickly and accurately through the office to the congregation. This includes e-mail, telephone, and in-person communication skills. The Office Manager should be of even disposition and able to work well when under deadlines. The Office Manager should be comfortable with their own company, as they are alone most of the week; at the same time, they should be able to be friendly and courteous when needed.

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Produce bulletins in time for Sunday services.

  2. Schedule all rental dates and issue contracts to renters. Handle arrangements with janitors and event coordinators. Track all payments and deposits made for rentals. Issue keys (or create a unique digital login code for each renter) and log key returns. Follow-up with overdue renters and arrange for return of deposits to renters once their event is completed.

  3. Process offering from Sunday services and make entries into ChurchTrac database system. Post deposits and put a summary sheet in Treasurer’s mailbox. Prepare a deposit slip for pick-up by a church member.

  4. Send out weekly event e-mail to members and friends with an up-to-date list of church events occurring during the week. Also, include a notice about vacant worship-related volunteer positions. E-mail should go out by noon on Wednesday. Post a copy on the church website after removing personal data.

  5. Change outdoor reader board each week in coordination with the pastor.

  6. Keep website current.

  7. Advise Trustees of any maintenance issues relating to the building or equipment and, if requested, schedule appointments for installations and repairs.

  8. Maintain bulletin board with current information and lists. Make sign-up sheets as needed for church events. Remove outdated sign-up sheets.

  9. Order office supplies. You may need to use your own credit card to place the order and then apply for reimbursement.

  10. Keep in contact with Janitor regarding arrangements for church services and rentals. Make necessary floor plans and check monthly bills.

  11. Sort and distribute the mail.

  12. Back up all computer data once a month to DVDs.

  13. Create and print new Member directories about every three months.

  14. Maintain church mailing lists.

  15. Assist in preparations for Memorial services as needed       

  16. Copy reports for distribution prior to the Annual Meeting of the congregation.

  17. Handle congregational mailings as requested by Moderator, Committees, Treasurer.

  18. Assist Pastor in secretarial and clerical work.

  19. Administer office budget and petty cash.

  20. Change voicemail messages as needed (seasonal, memorial services)

  21. Keep official church records of baptisms, membership, weddings, and funerals.

Hospitality Responsibilities

  1. Answer telephone and e-mail communications.

  2. Keep member information up to date on new members.

  3. Any other appropriate duties as assigned by The Pastor.

  4. Send flowers as requested by the Spiritual Care Committee or Pastor.

  5. Greet visitors in the office.


The Office Manager reports to the Pastor and serves the needs of the Church Council, the Pastor and the church Committees.

Additional Provisions

Maintains office hours as agreed upon with the Pastor.

Revised January 2019

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